Best Travel Alarm Clocks

Travelling can be stressful on the body, thereby making it more difficult to get up in the morning. If you’re traveling to new time zones, your body clock can be affected even further. When you need to wake up on time, a great travel alarm clock can be of great help. These small clocks fits in easily into your luggage, and so you will always have a reliable timepiece — even if there isn’t one in your hotel or Airbnb.

1. Marathon Travel Alarm Clock — Best for Jetlagged Travelers

Marathon CL030023BK Travel Alarm ClockThis Marathon travel alarm clock provides all of the information needed at a glance. In addition to the time, it also tells you the exact date and the temperature.

Keep in mind that the temperature isn’t always completely accurate. It’s easy to adjust the format of the time and temperature. The alarm sound on this clock is extra loud.

The most convenient part of this clock is the case — it flips out into a stand in your hotel room, and folds over the clock face for protection when you’re on the road. The face rotates so you can position it at the right viewing angle. Overall, we specifically recommend this clock when you’re traveling across many time zones; the loud alarm makes it easier to be heard from any point.


– Loud alarm

– Protective case/stand


– Temperature setting isn’t always accurate

– Programming can be complicated

2. Digital Travel Alarm Clock — Best for Easy Operation

Digital Travel Alarm ClockThis digital alarm clock keeps it simple — it tells you the exact time and provides an alarm. This might be an ideal option for technologically-challenged travelers or people who don’t want extra features.

This clock is extremely easy to use and effective. Each button is labeled clearly, so you can set the time and alarm easily. Between uses, the clock flips closed into a tiny unit that fits easily into a carry-on or briefcase.

The lid doesn’t always fit tightly, so it’s best to slip the clock into a pocket or small compartment for protection against damage.

Overall, this alarm clock is recommended for travelers who want something that’s easy to operate.


– Simple operation

– Lighted screen


– Lid may close loosely

– Displa may be difficult to see at an angle

3. Peakeep Ultra Small, Battery Travel Alarm Clock — Best for Light Packers

Peakeep Ultra Small Battery Travel Alarm Clock with Snooze and LightIf you travel carry-on only, every inch of your space counts. That’s where this little clock can be of help — it’s ultra-small and it fits into a tiny pocket of your bag.

This battery-powered clock uses a single AA battery. A backlight makes it easy to check the time in the night, and the large alarm button is also easy to find in the dark.

It’s a good idea to test the clock’s alarm before you need to rely on it; in some units, the alarm may not be accurate.

We recommend this model if you need to save space in your suitcase.


– Compact design

– Weighs just 2 oz.


– Battery can drain quickly with frequent backlight use

– Alarm is not always accurate

4. Tinload Small Battery Operated Analog Alarm Clock — Best for Light Sleepers

Tinload Small Battery Operated Analog Alarm ClockThis Tinload alarm clock is small, portable and simple. It has an analog dial for easy time-telling. The controls are on the back panel, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally turning the alarm off.

If you’re a light sleeper, Tinload model is a great choice. It operates without ticking sounds, and it doesn’t disturb you during the night. When the alarm rings, the ascending volume helps in waking you up naturally. A large button on the top of the clock operates the snooze function.

The only drawback to this clock is that the alarm-setting knobs can make it difficult to get an accurate to-the-minute time.

We recommend this clock if you need silence to sleep.


– Silent operation

– Easy-to-read dial


– Alarm can be difficult to set

5. Peakeep Small Battery Operated Analog Travel Alarm Clock — Best for a Gentle Wakeup

Peakeep Small Battery Operated Analog Travel Alarm Clock Silent No TickingWith its simple design, Peakeep model is designed for easy use. Two knobs on the back allows you to set the time and the alarm time. On the top, a large button turns on the backlight and snoozes the alarm.

This clock is small, but it’s not ultra-compact. It fits easily into a standard suitcase, but it might take up too much space if you prefer to pack light.

We recommend this clock if you’re not a morning person.The alarm starts out with a soft, gentle sound to wake you up easily. If you don’t snooze it or turn it off, the sounds get louder and faster with time.


– Ascending alarm sounds

– Easy operation


– Relatively large for a travel clock

6. Plumeet Easy Setting Travel Alarm Clock — Best for Heavy Packers

Plumeet Easy Setting Travel Alarm Clock with SnoozeThis Plumeet alarm clock comes with a variety of features, including month and day display. The clock’s gentle night light glows softly in the dark, so you can check the time at just a glance.

Bringing a tightly packed suitcase? The clock comes with a bright pink silicone cover that’s easy to find among your belongings.

The alarm on this Plumeet clock is also easy to set.

However, be warned that the alarm will turn off if you don’t take action soon enough. Overall, we recommend this clock if you’re not a heavy sleeper or if you need night light to sleep.


– Integrated night light

– Easy to set


– Alarm turns off quickly

– Display is small

7. Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock— Best for Frequent Travelers

Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock with Auto Back Light Feature, Calendar and TemperatureIf you travel to different time zones on a regular basis, it can be somewhat difficult to remember to set your alarm clock to the correct time. That’s where the Marathon atomic travel clock comes in. It picks up radio frequencies from the NIST Colorado Atomic Clock and automatically adjusts the time.

This alarm clock comes with all of the standard features; time, calendar, and temperature. Its clearly labeled buttons allows you to adjust the settings quickly, and the digital display enables precise adjustments.

There’s a backlight, but if you’re a light sleeper, it may be too bright for comfort.

We recommend this clock for anyone who travels regularly and needs to know the correct time when they are on a journey.


– Automatic time adjustments using atomic clock

– Folding design for easy carrying


– Bright backlight may be disruptive

– Atomic clock function may be buggy in some units

8. Peakeep Ultra Compact Battery Travel Alarm Clock with Calendar — Best All-Around Travel Clock

This tiny Peakeep clock comes in a small, lightweight package. A front cover covers the face of the clock to prevent the buttons from being pushed in transit. When you arrive at your destination, this cover flips over and turns into a stand.

With its digital face, the clock allows you to tell the time quickly. If you’re in the dark, the large snooze/light button is relatively easy to find as well. When your alarm rings, it ascends in volume to wake you up gradually.

However, if you don’t turn it off or snooze it within one minute, the alarm will turn off on its own.


– Compact frame fits into any bag

– Fold-over stand holds the clock up on a bedside


– Requires 3 AAA batteries, which are not included

– Alarm turns off after one minute

9. JCC Charming Luminous Small Round Handheld Alarm Clock — Best Lightweight Travel Alarm Clock

JCC Charming Luminous Small Round Handheld Size Non Ticking QuartzDesigned with a brilliant green case, JCC alarm clock looks fun and lively on a bedside table. The bright color also makes it easy to spot the clock in a messy suitcase or carry-on bag.

If you like to check the time frequently in the night, JCC clock might be a good fit. The dial glows softly in the dark, so you can look at the time without being disturbed by the light. If you need a brighter glow, simply touch the top button to illuminate the dial further. This button also activates the snooze.

We recommend this alarm clock if you want a lightweight clock that doubles as a night light.

10. MEKO Small Battery Powered Travel Alarm Clock — Best for Style-Conscious Travelers

MEKO Small Battery Powered Travel Alarm Clock with Snooze and NightlightThis MEKO clock features a sleek, rounded shape and an unusual, asymmetrical frame that adds a touch of style to a plain hotel room. The bright pink exterior and neon green hands further creates a fun, youthful look.

It’s important to note that although the clock’s hands are bright, they do not glow in the dark.

Made without a ticking sound, this clock is designed to run silently. It doesn’t whir or click, and it is a convenient choice if you’re sensitive to noises when you sleep. When the alarm rings, it goes through four different ascending volume stages to avoid a harsh wake up. The snooze button silences the alarm for five minutes.

We recommend this alarm clock if you like stylish travel accessories, and if you have a little extra room in your luggage.


– Stylish design elevates a hotel room

– Gradually ascending alarm helps you wake up


– Hands do not glow in the dark

– Clock may be too bulky for carry-on travel

How to Choose a Travel Alarm Clock

If you’re a business traveler or if you have a full schedule of activities, it’s important to get up on time. The right travel alarm clock can help you wake up easily, so you can get out the door and keep to time at work.

What to Look for in a Travel Alarm Clock

When you’re choosing an alarm clock for vacations or business trips, it’s a good idea to check out these features:

Ease of Use: Look for a clock that’s easy to set and easy to operate. This is particularly true if you like to hit the snooze button a few times before waking up.

Accuracy: Your alarm should ring at the correct hour and minute to ensure that you’re waking up on time.

Size: Choose an alarm clock that fits into your packing style. If you like to travel with carry-on only, a tiny clock won’t weigh you down.

Visibility: Look for an alarm clock with a display that’s easy to read. Keep in mind that extremely hot, cold, or humid climates can interfere with a digital display. So, if you’re traveling to those climates, an analog model might be best.

Volume: Volume is an important consideration, especially if you are a heavy sleeper or if you have some sort of hearing deficiency.

What are some types of travel alarm clocks?

There are two major types of alarm clocks; analog and digital. Analog clocks look like a traditional clock with a dial, hands, and numbers. Digital clocks makes use of an electronic screen to display the time. Both display the time, but if you have compromised vision, it will be easier to see the hands of an analog clock.

Powering a Travel Alarm Clock

Most travel alarm clocks are battery powered. This is convenient because you never need to worry about finding a power outlet — plus, you don’t need to bring an adapter when traveling internationally. However, since batteries can lose their charge, it will be a good idea to travel with an extra set. That way, you don’t have to hunt for replacements in small towns or rural villages as you explore the world.

A great travel alarm clock can help you stay on schedule when you’re traveling. By choosing a model that fits both your sleeping habits and your packing style, you can pick an option that will make your travels easier without much stress.